Why do you combine philanthropy & creative arts in this website?

My life purpose of helping others on their path has always been underscored by my participation in the arts as a radio and television producer, on-air interviewer, theater manager, visual arts advisor, published and performing poet combined with expertise in nonprofit resource development and board leadership training.   These elements are always merging, submerging, and re-emerging.

you have founded the fund for artists with disabilities.  Why? 

Advising the development of gallery265 at Arc of Westchester in New York, I came to understand the importance of self-expression as a way to self-confidence and quality of life among persons with developmental disabilities.   I became passionate about this mission and have made the Fund my legacy to pay it forward.    If you would like to sample of gallery-265 art, try the button below.


how do we contribute to the fund for artists with disabilities?

Make your check payable to Community Funds, Inc., with "Fund for Artists with Disabilities" on the Memo line.  Send to Westchester Community Foundation, 210 North Central Avenue, Suite 310, Hartsdale, NY 10530.   You will receive a thank you note from the Foundation, and when I'm informed, from me.
To make an electronic transfer of funds, please call me for instructions.   914-714-2295  


so what is this poetry thing all about?

Since age eight, I have been writing poetry.   Throughout schools, careers, marriages, children, ups and downs, that flame has never gone out.   I have a body of work and continue to create.   In light of my penchant to help others and the high impact character of much of my poetry, I want to create the "Open Heart Interactive Poetry Tour" for groups of individuals who are searching, possibly at risk and ready to try something new.  For inquiries: robertemiss@gmail.com


All of my life I have been a communicator, adviser, and problem solver who likes people and loves to help them.   This has been a personal and professional path for me.   I started down this path in serious way when I joined the Society of Jesus.  That was a great training both intellectually and spiritually.   Even though I left the Jesuits after 6-plus years, that sense of compassion and helping others imparted by those years, were permanently imprinted on my life going forward.  Mission-driven organizations became my life.

What do you do for nonprofits these Days?

Currently, I am keenly interested in helping boards of directors be successful in their leadership role.  This means conducting board development programs, board retreats, board leadership workshops, board campaigns, as well as helping to sort out the roles of board vs. staff.   Reach me at 914-714-2295 or