Writing the Walls: Catfish Secret

I have had the privilege several times participating in Writing the Walls at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill, NY.  This is an ekphrastic poetry event, where we align a poem with a piece of art.  My favorite artist to date was John Mellencamp.  I attached my poem, The Man with No Name, to his piece.  Note the catfish sculpture on the left.  Here's my poem from the Writing the Walls 2015 about those catfish.  
It's based on my boyhood experiences of using almost anything as bait to catch a catfish.

A Catfish Secret
A catfish breaks water
Pretending to be a bass,
Hooked all the same. 
What does a catfish eat?
What’s his most favorite treat?
Something that comes in a can.
Cut up little squares of Spam.
I think I hooked a big one.

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