Poem Honoring Cal Lane Sculpture

Artist Cal Lane with her acetylene torch has turned heavy ammunition cases into elegant art works of metal lace.  Now on display at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art.  Here is my poem honoring her work.

Eating Our Young
      by Robert Edward Miss

A peaceful drive past Arlington Cemetery.
You fallen warriors who saved our country,
teach us to forgive the hubris
that puts our land in jeopardy.
Help us outlive the power-lust
that blights the lives of our soldier-children.
Where have all the flowers gone?
There’s none on the flag-draped caskets
of our daughters or sons.
Their valor remains hidden from sight
in their transport home.
Where have all their arms and legs gone?
An explosive device has taken every one.
Tens of thousands blown to kingdom come.
How long before this generation
rises up against the remorseless theft
of our nation’s sense of hope?
Will it take three-score years or more
to restore our pillaged self respect?
Rogue beasts within are eating our young.
When we the people deal with this,
the terror without will be undone.



Robert MissComment