Today, on the 9th birthday of our grandson Harrison, I received in the mail the 2018 Crosswinds Poetry Journal where they published this poem I wrote for the performance of the sacred Native American Ceremony of burying the placenta of his birth.  

Snake Dance for Harrison
One bright day while the thunder god Haokah
boomed over the Navajo wedding blanket of your ancestors,
the vision of you was born
through the long snake dance that brings a warrior for peace
into our dream world of blue sky and purple flowers.
As you do know, you will shed your skin many times
to become the soft-spoken, brave new man
who will make your mother, your father, and your elders proud.
Let your heart be your kiva where a vision of your
very own world emerges.

Let your hands clap twice three magic times, one, two, three.
Let your feet stomp twice three powerful beats, one, two, three.
Let your spirit reach for the sun many times to guide you
on every quest.

You are the one who makes the blazing sky smile upon us.
You are the one who makes us bend to kiss the dew-drop flowers.
You will be one of the ones to lead our human race.
We can divine it in your face.
Thank you, Little Brother.  Amen.