Our Art Belongs! Inclusion Initiative
For Artists with Disabilities

Proposal: A Popup Art Exhibit featuring Artists with Disabilities*

Eligibility:  Organizations providing services to talented individuals with disabilities
                   will be eligible to propose works of art by their artists receiving services.

Diversity:  Our Art Belongs! Inclusion Initiative is open to any disability.*
Talent rather than a diagnosis is what’s important.


Space Need: Exhibit space that can display up to 30 works of art in diverse media.
                A typical painting size, framed, 20x28 inches.
                Room for sculptures up to 6-feet tall.
                Wall materials which allow hanging art or installations for cables to hang.
                Floor layout that allows for 2-5 easels.
                Space available at least 2 days before event opens. Space available on weekends.

                Property host: General oversight.
                Producer: Robert Edward Miss of Business Media Projects.
               Artists’ Agencies:  Installation and takedown of art; damage control.
Arrangement Components:
                Producer with a committee of volunteer artists select art for exhibit.
                Mounting art: Artists’ Agencies in collaboration with Producer.
                Monitoring the Exhibit:  Artists’ Agencies assisted by Producer.
                Overall Liability for Venue: Host space owner.
               Length of exhibit will be determined with the Property Host in advance.
                Art Removal after Exhibit: Artists’ agencies with Producer.

Financial Considerations: 
                Property Host would provide the Popup space pro bono
               Artists’ Agencies will be pay a registration fee, plus a placement fee for each work of art.
                Producer: Would require a portion of the fees to cover time and expenses TBD.
              A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Fund for Artists with Disabilities.

Public Awareness:
                Each entity will be responsible for promoting the Popup Exhibit.   A portion of
               the fees will be appropriated for publicity.   

                A volunteer committee will be appointed to jury the art.  Award details TBD.

For more:  robertemiss@gmail.com