Figurin'things out

For most of my adult life I have been involved in one way or another with philanthropy and raising up the human spirit.  In recent years this has meant working with boards of directors of nonprofit corporations, but most recently in founding the Fund for Artists with Disabilities, individuals who show a spark of creativity, some with much assistance, others who are self aware natural artists.

The other constant thread in my life going back to the fourth grade has been creative expression, typical juvenalia in my early years, business writing or scripts in my working years.  But throughout all the decades, I have quietly carved out the compressed, molded language of poetry, whether in peaceful or chaotic times.  This has been a mostly secret passion known only by close friends and family.  But no longer!

Given these two threads, I have tried for a long time to interweave them more strongly.   This website is my attempt to put it all out there and to continue this intertwining right before your eyes.  My reason, in great part, is to help others seeking to have a clear insight into their own path in life.  That has been my spiritual mission all along.  REM



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